Hi North Florida Optimists!  The following article was seen on ZDNet.com and we wanted to share its information with you of another option for holding meetings, chat sessions and even just having a social hour with your members, friends and community.  We’ll try to keep posting news that may be helpful for you in these times for Optimism.


Messenger Rooms rolls out – video chat for 50 people

Facebook’s Messenger Rooms group video-calling feature is now available in North America and Mexico.  Messenger Rooms is built around the idea of rooms, letting users share a link with friends to create a private room that supports up to 50 people. 

Alternatively, users can create a room for a group or for an event. It also lets users start a room for all friends at the top of a News Feed, allowing contacts to join if and when they want.  

A key social or non-work part of Messenger Rooms is that users don’t need to schedule a time, which according to Zuckerberg makes “much more serendipitous and fun”.  

“WhatsApp and Messenger are already the most popular video-calling services globally, but for large groups most of the video services out there are designed for work, not social interactions. Messenger Rooms is group video chat designed for social interactions,” he said in a Facebook post. 

Zuckerberg previously explained that even if a user creates a room open to all friends, not all their “friends” will see it. Instead it will start off by showing it to the subset of friends who people interact with on Facebook.

Users can also create a Messenger room on Facebook and soon also on Instagram and WhatsApp, according to Zuckerberg. Messenger Rooms will also be available on Facebook’s Portal devices.

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