Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Optimist International and its members celebrate Optimist Day around the world each year on the first Thursday in February.  On Optimist Day, members show their pride in belonging to an Optimist Club by wearing Optimist Club apparel – shirts, pins, hats, jackets, etc. –and posting a photo on social media with

Recognizing the difficult times created by the pandemic, this year Optimist Clubs are encouraged to take an additional step to display their optimism within their communities. 

Now, more than ever, we should choose optimism.

Optimist Clubs may choose a location and distribute copies of the Optimist Creed so others may choose optimism for themselves. Add a printable Optimist Creed flyer to their website and encourage community members to visit the website and download their very own copy.
Visit for an Optimist Day Proclamation, printable Optimist Creed, flyer, and press release.

On Optimist Day, and every day, be proud to be an Optimist.

Choose Optimism.

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